About Us

Aerial view of Koree Island


Koree Island is located in Northern NSW and has been farmed by the same family for four generations. The inland island was first farmed in 1856 and originally functioned as a cattle and dairy farm. The region has always been recognised for its agricultural success but over the years the dependency on chemical inputs was reducing the soil quality and endangering long term sustainability.

In 1992 the decision was made to transform the farm and to embrace Certified Organic practices. Australian Native plants were introduced and now Tea Tree, Lemon Scented Tea Tree, Rosalina and other herbaceous plants thrive on the nutrient rich land.

Life at Koree Herbs

Koree Herbs’ dedication to Certified Organic farming is undeniable. It is not just an interest or a seasonal trend, it influences their entire lifestyle and determines the way in which they co-exist with nature. Each morning Lauchlan & Jan rise with the sun, their days are filled with many manual activities that support the growth and maintenance of the crops and as the sun sets they retreat to the tranquility of the farmhouse. They are surrounded by Australian wildlife with many native birds making their nests in the tall trees on the banks of the Hastings River. This river encircles the island and is their natural source of irrigation, ensuring that Koree Herbs farm has a guaranteed water supply even in the driest seasons.

They employ bio-mass composting techniques to promote micro-organic activity in the soil and undertake manual weed control. Koree Herbs plants are extremely healthy and resilient thanks to the care taken in managing a balanced environment.